Create an OpenBSD live USB stick

2014-06-25 by fridim ~ #openbsd #gpg #kvm #qemu

The beginning of the article offline-gnupg-master-key-and-subkeys-on-yubikey-neo-smartcard deals with the creation of a master GPG key on an offline computer. The author uses a Debian Live CD for that task.

I thought : Why not boot a tiny OpenBSD instead ?

I looked for one on the official website: there is only the installation image. I found livecd-openbsd and liveusb-openbsd, but I don't trust them. So here is a way to create one puffy USB stick.

Dependency : qemu

sha256sum install55.iso # should be cc465ce3f8397883e91c6e1a8a98b1b3507a338984bbfe8978050c5f8fdcaf3f
qemu-img create liveusb.img 825000k # you may need more space if you want X
qemu-system-x86_64 -hda liveusb.img -m 1024 -cdrom install55.iso # perform install

Once installation is done, you may want to add additional packages. Inside the VM:

export PKG_PATH=
pkg_add gnupg # for example
shutdown -h now

From the Linux again:

dd if=liveusb.img of=/dev/sdc bs=512k ; sync # replace /dev/sdc with your usb stick device
qemu-system-x86_64 -usb -hda /dev/sdc  # test to see if it boot

It's ready!